Unable to access framagit.org

Upon attempting to access https://framagit.org/ , the connection times-out on both my BSNL broadband as well as Vodafone mobile connections. Can someone else check/confirm?

Unreachable on ACT Bangalore (even with private DNS).

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So this is a country-wide, IP-level block. Any idea why? I happened to look into it because the Fedilab (a Mastodon client) repository is hosted there.

I never knew or kinda forgot framasoft existed, now i hate(my english vocabulary cannot find any slight tone word) them, with everything going down in world there decision seems to me pretty dumb and slightly racist banning whole India, VN and Indonesia IP’s for a git repo list from minimum past four months or so, as they encountered more spammers from three countries it seems, I shouldn’t equate but it reminds me of few other popular bad stereotypes and phobias. if you didn’t knew it yet here is the link official comment / discussion on a popular mastodon clone.

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