Whitehat Jr. and suppression of Freedom of Speech


I have not subscribed to Whitehat Jr. programs and hold no issue with their products, marketing, etc. I do not subscribe to the philosophy of pushing already pressurized kids into the path of coding, becoming CEO Jr, Junior MBAs, etc, but I do recognize each individual is free to bring his child in the manner he see best fit.

However, I’ve seen on social media numerous instances of what seems like suppression of Free Speech by Whitehat Jr. Videos on YouTube are being taken down for copyright infringement for being critical of Whitehat Jr. IFF might be aware of these, but I wanted to start a topic for discussion.

What is the legality of the actions of Whitehat Jr. with regards to the Copyright Infringements ?
Aren’t social media also complicit in allowing such takedowns ?


Though I don’t subscribe to the whitehat jr philosophy, I have a strong suspicion that the takedown claims are overblown. Is there any evidence of such use? Any additional information can be emailed to IFF or shared here, If it comes to be real then it won’t be the first time copyright is misused. The real solution is to pitch for cc licensed (preferably a copyleft and free culture one) works and spread content across more ethical platforms.