WhiteHatJr evil marketing ethics

I, myself think young kids should learn the basic pieces of knowledge of internet security by their own security in this digital era. But whitehatJr is revoking the market and making false promises and mistrust. What do you think about this?

I totally agree with you, White Hat Jr and Byju’s are the two corporates in the field of education that are violating marketing ethics. While instilling fear in the minds of the consumer is an old marketing tactic adopted mainly by Insurance companies, but in the case of these two corporates, it should be the parent’s responsibility to do proper research before investing their hard-earned money and enrolling their students in such online courses.

The only solution to this menace is that parents need to start communicating with their kids more.
Coding might be an essential skill to possess but the thing parents need to understand is that coding is not the only skill, there are other skills too which their child might have an interest or an aptitude in. Parents need to first understand the capabilities of their children and their interests.

Coming back to White Hat Jr marketing strategy, the only solution we have is to either create mass awareness among the people by utilizing all the resources which are available to us (internet) so that they have no choice but to change their marketing tactics and be more ethical or to directly get in touch with the White Hat Jr marketing team and asking them to stop their marketing campaign as the advertisement are totally misleading.


Um, what exactly have they been up to? I’ve seen the adverts on TV occasionally but never paid much attention.

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