Kinda Urgent Tech Help! Livestream BBB to YouTube

Hey folks!

Can one of you kind Samaritans help me figure out how to livestream from BigBlueButton to YouTube? Tech volunteers come throough! This is kinda urgent for the webinar this Wednesday.

If you think you can help, holler here or drop me a quick line at [email protected] Thanks a ton in advance! :exploding_head:

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Do get in touch with Debapriyo! He has offered some specific help on BBB here! Webinar | When Voluntary Becomes Mandatory: Is Aarogya Setu Another Aadhaar? | May 08, 2020, 6:00 PM IST


Hi Ram here from Chiguru Colab. We offer ClassMeet [Customized BigBlueButton] as a service along with YouTube livestream (currently on request only)

But if you already have a BBB, we can help you in livestreaming the whole thing. Should not be an issue at all. We have been doing it for many communities.

You can get in touch : [email protected]

Hey Ram, that is very kind of you to offer! We resolved the issues we were facing and it’s currently working well for us. We’re in fact hosting an Independence Day Lecture by Debayan Gupta using our setup, please do join us if you can. Both me and @abhas would love your feedbackl! (Abhas has set up the entire system for us, wouldn’t be possible without him! :slight_smile: ) Here’s the registration link:

But thank you for reaching out. We might just message you if we run into issues in the future. I hope that’s okay! :sunflower:

Yes, as long as we use Free Software, it is always great. Love the fact that IFF used BBB, unlike many organisations using Zoom and other proprietary software.

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Tbh it was a priority for us. In fact we got delayed by a month to launch IFF digital events simply because we didn’t have our call tool figured out. But I’m glad we didn’t give into using Zoom, I was definitely tempted but @aparatbar talked me out of it. Luckily, @abhas stepped in to help soon after! :partying_face:

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Also @ramaseshan is there additional functionality or customisations you can indicate that is available in ClassMeet? Anything well suited for online webinars or conferences?

@aparatbar , Quite a few things we are working on.

  1. Live Streaming to RTMP based protocol tools(which also include Youtube, Facebook), which (would) eventually be directly managed by the users, in the current scenario we manually get it done.
  2. BBB does not support downloading of videos (we are currently enabling the same, in another 2 -3 weeks) which can uploaded to any media platforms.
  3. RSVP and participant management(coming in another 2 weeks)
  4. There are couple of things for educational institutions that we are working towards.

We are currently looking to scale the BBB instance and get them to an auto-scale mode in a way to adopt to the growing need.

While all that is talked, we function like a worker owned co-operative, so we would never get in to the model of Funding from VC and Angels, but would directly be funded by the users who use the same.

Thank you! These tweaks would really enable a rich functionality and remove so many pain points. We totally vibe with your funding philosophy. May be we should open a chat over email? Can you drop us line at [email protected] and [email protected]

While we are really happy with our present set-up, we are always looking to test out and improve our practices.