Updated list of websites blocked by Airtel

Using the same technique as @ark here, I ran the same tests for Airtel Broadband in November and came up with a list of websites known to be blocked on Airtel networks.

The list contains 1300+ domains that are blocked: airtel-blocked-hosts/airtel-fiber-blocked-hosts.txt at airtel-fiber · captn3m0/airtel-blocked-hosts · GitHub

It has the same limitations as @ark’s work:

  1. It is not full or exhaustive, owing in part to the technique and input used for testing.
  2. At any given time, the live list may have a very small number of false positives

Because of a slight difference in how Airtel and ACT implement these blocks (ACT blocks the Top-level domain, Airtel blocks sub-domains specifically) - the lists are not directly comparable.

More details are on GitHub: GitHub - captn3m0/airtel-blocked-hosts: A periodically updated list of websites known to be blocked in India on the Airtel Broadband network.